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It's Not The Machine You're On, It's The Machine In You

The most comprehensive assessment available today, encompassing the cyclist's complete Physiology, Psychology, Bio-Mechanics & bike fit, aerodynamics & wind tunnel testing, Nutrition & targeted training, and follow up.

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TMI Logo 2018 Cyclist PNG File.png


The Machine Inside

Cyclists Are Fine Tuned Biological Machines


Bicycles Are Amazingly Efficient Machines

Cycling Performance is 100% Dependent on YOUR Machine Inside

Everyone's Machine is Different & Unique



You can only perform at your best when

  • You have a complete understanding of your Physiology

  • You are capable of harnessing your psychological strengths & Focus

  • You have used the correct fuel in type and quantity

  • You Have TUNED your machine for maximum output

  • You have the correct equipment to convert your machine inside into power.


Our Mission at THE MACHINE INSIDE is to Test, Observe, Measure, and Control all data & parameters which govern athletic performance in order to provide our athletes with a user friendly profile of their amazingly complex machines. This extensive profile becomes the individual athlete's Biological & Psychological passport.

Armed with this information, we then design a training and nutrition regimen tailored specifically to your own individual and unique physiology and objectives.

Measuring The Machine's Capacity

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed & Gets Improved

We bring to market the most accurate & advanced technologies available in the measurements of all the biological factors impacting athletic ability & performance.

VO2 Max    *    Lactate Threshold    *    Fast / Slow Twitch Muscle Ratios                          RMR (Resting Metabolic Rates)  *  Metabolic Rate Analysis    *    Cardio Efficiency

Ryzer Mindset Assessment

We then synthesize all the data obtained into a comprehensive, easy to understand, written profile of your unique physiology and athletic mindset. This profile can then be used by you, coaches & nutritionists in the planning of your performance & career

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Feeding The Machine

The Correct Fuel quality & quantity is Critical

Our unique assessment will help in determining your body's energy expenditure. This data helps in the planning of your nutrition for best performance. Everyone is different here. At The Machine Inside, we aim to discover it, understand it and then design a nutrition strategy that is unique to you and your individual demands.

Coupled with this data, we make available our uniquely formulated, cycling specific vitamins & supplements clinically proven to improve performance.

Tuning The Machine

"Targeted' Training Is The Secret

Training recommendations are based on your unique physiology, Mindset, career goals & Nutrition. Targeted training leads to the fastest & most permanent improvement and we have the science behind it.

Wind Tunnel Analysis

  • At 10 Miles per Hour, 50% of power used is to overcome air resistance

  • At 30 MPH, the power requirements climbs to 90%

  • Your Bike accounts for up to 30% of total drag

At THE MACHINE INSIDE, we believe this is a clear and decisive area of interest for the professional cyclist. Our assessment includes a comprehensive wind tunnel analysis. 

No one climbs the mountain alone. Here are some of our friends.

Our Trusted Partners


About The Machine Inside


OUR STORY: At a Cycling event in my home town, I took home the winning prize while using very substandard equipment to compete. At the end of the race I complimented one of the other riders on his top of the line equipment he was using. His response: "Thank you for the compliment, but look at what you were able to do on a cheap bicycle. Equipment and talent are important, but what matters is THE MACHINE INSIDE", meaning of course, our internal composition, lung capacity, and our heart / determination to win is what's truly important. His statement was so powerful that I trademarked it, and developed it into a brand: THE MACHINE INSIDE. The machine inside represents the part of us the world does not and cannot see, but is nonetheless very real. It is the "X" factor in our ability to compete and win; it is our determination to win, our preparation, desire, and dogged persistence not to settle for less than the absolute best! We all carry this powerful machine inside of us.

The Machine Inside is a small company with a titanic goal; To "Design" the Cyclist's Career Based On His / Her Unique Physiology & Mindset. We go beyond the data, and help our clients understand it and tailor a regimen that is best understood by their mind and body. Lofty goal? YES! Can it be accomplished? Without a doubt.


THE MACHINE INSIDE YOU is the one and only true factor in Cycling. Get to know this machine, understand it, nourish it, fuel it, and you stand a legitimate chance at winning.

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Rockefeller Center
1270 Avenue of The Americas
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New York, NY. 10020

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